Empowering Healthier Choices in a Plastic-Dominated World

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Look around…

Plastics are everywhere.

They're in our homes, clothes, environment, and now, our bodies, silently affecting our health and well-being. At Unwrap, we recognize this issue and confront it head-on.

Our platform is more than just a marketplace or directory; it's a guide to kickstart your journey towards a healthier, plastic-free lifestyle.

We research and authenticate 100% plastic-free brands across several categories. Our goal? To make it easier to discover and switch to healthier alternatives – free from microplastics, phthalates, and other harmful chemicals.

Our Mission

In a buy-more-for-less world where plastics have become the norm, we offer a different narrative – one where your health and our planet’s are intertwined.

Join us in redefining consumerism, one plastic-free choice at a time.

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Our Story

The origin story of Unwrap began with a Joe Rogan podcast. It was an episode with Dr. Shanna Swan, discussing the insidious impact of microplastics and phthalates on the human body.

Call it what you want, but it was a turning point for us.

For years, we’ve been told about the environmental threats posed by plastics, but the revelation of their direct impact on our health — our skin, organs, metabolism, reproductive system, and even our brain — was all new to us.

This led to an uncomfortable realization: plastics had subtly integrated into every aspect of our daily existence. From the clothes we wear to the rugs under our feet, the bedding we sleep in, the curtains in our rooms, the makeup we apply, and even the water we drink – plastics and mysterious petrochemicals surround us. Perhaps you can relate?

Our urgency to act was clear. The path forward, however, wasn’t that easy. Our quest for plastic-free alternatives led us through a wave of greenwashing, vague sustainability claims, and a lack of transparency. The “plastic-free” market seemed skewed – more inclined towards environmental salvation than individual health. True plastic-free options, free from synthetic materials, toxic flame retardants, BPAs, and other petroleum-based products, were elusive.

Long story short, finding genuinely healthy, plastic-free options was difficult – especially in one place.

So we decided to take matters into our own hands. We sought to create a resource that would not just serve our own needs but also help others who, like us, want to limit their exposure to plastic.

Thus, Unwrap was born.

Our Team

Dillon Newman
Dillon Newman
Luke Ostapchuk
Luke Ostapchuk

Our Values

No harm, no foul

We like to think that being “plastic-free” simply means just trying to avoid buying new plastic. While we may write content advocating the use of all-natural products or biomaterials, we will never shame anyone for owning or using old plastic. We’re all in this together.

Always learning

While we aim to list 100% plastic-free brands, the complexity of modern supply chains and evolving industry standards mean that microplastics and harmful chemicals or toxins might evade even the most thorough scrutiny. Our commitment is to continuous learning and improvement, ensuring our database remains as accurate, up-to-date, and helpful as possible.

We’re humans, too

We're a small team of real people, not robots. We manually curate, add, verify brand information, and write. With AI on the rise, it’s becoming harder to differentiate between what’s real and what’s fake. And now, an ever-increasing amount of content you read online will be produced by AI.

But what you’ll get from us is real – not some coagulated, commingling of thoughts spewed by a dataset. We question everything. We research everything we write. And we do our best to speak to people like us – naturally skeptic consumers looking for healthier alternatives.

Affiliate transparency

Our platform includes affiliate links. These collaborations are selected with care, ensuring they align with our mission. All affiliate earnings are reinvested into maintaining our platform and advancing our cause. This financial model helps us stay independent and true to our values.

Your feedback matters

The journey towards a plastic-free world is a collaborative one. We welcome and encourage feedback from our community. If you spot an error, have a suggestion, or want to recommend a brand, we're all ears. Together, we can create a reliable and comprehensive guide to a plastic-free lifestyle.


What exactly does Unwrap do?

Unwrap is a dedicated brand directory that identifies, verifies, and lists plastic-free brands. We aim to make it easier for health-conscious (or eco-conscious) consumers to find and choose products that align with a plastic-free lifestyle.

How do you verify that a brand is truly plastic-free?

We conduct thorough research on each brand, examining their products, certifications, manufacturing processes, and materials used.

At times, brands in our index have a small percentage of products that do contain trace levels of plastics (i.e., plastic buttons on 100% cotton shirts). Whenever this is the case, we will add a transparency statement alerting you to this fact. To be clear, though, these are one-offs and small inclusions of plastics. And, in most cases, they are not materials directly in contact with your skin.

Can I suggest a brand to be included in your directory?

Y’know it. We welcome suggestions from our community. If you know a brand that aligns with our plastic-free ethos, please contact us or submit it through our Brand Submission form. We'll review it and consider it for inclusion.

How do you make money?

Sometimes, we will include affiliate links for the brands we list. This helps us sustain our platform. However, our selection of brands is not influenced by affiliate relationships. Our primary focus is on their commitment to being plastic-free.

Can I contribute to Unwrap in any way?

We always appreciate contributions from our community, whether it's through brand recommendations, sharing your experiences with plastic-free living, or providing feedback on our platform.

How often is your brand directory updated?

We update our directory regularly as we discover new brands and receive updated information from existing ones. We're committed to keeping our directory as current and comprehensive as possible.

I’m a brand owner. How do I get added and/or claim my page?

If you’re a plastic-free brand owner, we’d love to connect and consider your brand's inclusion. Fill out the Brand Submission form here, and we’ll go from there. If your brand is already listed on Unwrap, learn more about claiming your page here.

More questions?

Reach out to us at admin@thunderclap.co