Vera Salt offers the purest cooking salt, free from microplastics and heavy metals, in response to widespread environmental contaminants.


Vera Salt was founded in response to a society in which it is ever more difficult to find clean and healthy ingredients.

These days, environmental toxins are present everywhere we look. They're in the food, the water, and even something as basic as cooking salt. Avoiding these poisons requires diligence in reading nutrition labels and staying up to date on the latest research studies.

We were shocked to find that 90% of sea salt is contaminated with microplastics due to the pollution of our oceans. Scientists have even found microplastics in human blood and the placentas of unborn babies. While definitive evidence linking microplastic consumption to human health is currently lacking, results from correlative studies suggest that effects of microplastics could include provoking immune and stress responses and inducing reproductive and developmental toxicity.

Many have turned to using Himalayan or other colored salts as an alternative, but are unaware that the reddish color of this salt comes from the presence of iron oxide, aka rust. These salts can also contain other heavy metals and contaminants as well. Consumption of iron oxide and other heavy metals can lead to oxidative stress and chronic inflammation.

We set out to find the highest purity cooking salt with beneficial minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium and lab-tested for microplastics, heavy metals, and other additives.

Los Angeles, CA
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