If the foundation of your wardrobe is a pair of simple, durable pants it's one less thing to worry about. Grown & Sewn proudly makes quiet, comfortable, and quality menswear with union-esque, American style and a 100% domestic supply chain.


A truly great, classic garment is hard to come by and the goal of grown&sewn is to provide a line of distinct, innovative, quality products with no compromise. We began our collection in 2009 by creating KAX, a mens' khaki denim hybrid with a great fit and attitude. We have begun expanding into other categories, including accessories. Our creativity is balanced with integrity; every stitch, every seam, and every detail is closely monitored. We always hold ourselves and products to the highest of standards. By producing our product in the U.S., it allows us to utilize unique finishes and special details while closely monitoring the quality of every garment. We also believe in being globally responsible by offering a living wage and limiting any adverse environmental impact.

In an era of companies scanning the world to produce products at the lowest cost, we value creating a strong foundation to our American standards in our own backyard.

With heritage and innovation as our guide, grown&sewn is dedicated to create, influence and inspire; resulting in great and lasting product.

New York, NY
Year Founded

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