HERTH provides a range of womenswear, including lingerie, handcrafted by local artisans in Italy. Every item is made from GOTS-certified organic silk.


HERTH is a lifestyle brand which celebrates the cool side of sustainability. An ode to colors, clean silhouettes, meticulous attention to detail and Italian craftsmanship. This turns into a wearable day-to-night silkwear collection featuring a contemporary design and a refined but eclectic soul.

Every item is made from natural certified fibers - our GOTS Certified Organic Silk- and is handcrafted by local artisans. We stand for supply chain transparency, with the intention of preserving people and the Planet while guaranteeing the best combination of human and natural creations.

After a long search on raw materials, we selected only the purest GOTS organic silk, which translates into a unique color brightness and an unparalleled sensuous feel. The exclusive nuances composing our color palette, which takes inspiration from the most beautiful natural creations, have been developed uniquely for HERTH season after season, nurturing the consciousness of wearing something rare and precious.

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