QWSTION, founders of the revolutionary Bananatex® textile, challenges conventional ways of designing, making bags, backpacks, pouches, and apparel designed for true circularity, created from plants instead plastic.


Most everyday goods today have no end-of-life solution – at some point they become waste. QWSTION was founded in Zurich in 2008 to question common ways of making everyday goods. Created from plants instead of plastic, we offer a circular alternative to conventional products with linear lifecycles.

Our focus on material research led us to develop Bananatex®, a water resistant yet 100% biodegradable textile crafted from regeneratively grown banana plants. We decided to make the material openly available to any company interested in replacing plastics with plants.

A certified B Corp, QWSTION invites others to collaborate and cultivate positive change.

Zürich, Switzerland
Year Founded

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