Rawganique offers organic, chemical-free cotton, linen, and hemp apparel and daily home products, all made sweatshop-free in the USA, Canada, and Europe. They focus on pure, eco-friendly manufacturing for the health-conscious and environmentally aware, ensuring transparency and quality in every item.


As the detrimental effects of long-term constant exposure to chemicals in textiles and bodycare products come to light in study after study, many customers with children, customers who have undergone radiation or other immune-system-compromising treatments, and customers who are concerned about their overall well-being are writing to ask if our vegan organic cotton, linen, and hemp products are really pure and do not outgas chemicals into the skin and indoor air. The answer is yes, our products are really pure.

We know this because we grow, comb, spin, weave, knit, and sew them, so we know what goes in (and doesn’t go in) to our organic products.

As chemically sensitive people, we personally only use our own products because we know how pure they are. We pass on fads and trends and concentrate on purity, every single time. As customers have found out from their own experience, many companies greenwash their brands by using terms like "Eco" or “Made in USA” (but from components grown and sourced from China or “Organic” (but certified in China and formaldehyde and dioxon are liberally used in productions), etc… We can assure you that we are not into such rhetoric. We purposely stay small, so we never have to compromise.

Point Roberts, WA
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