Earthfoam crafts natural latex mattresses, toppers, and pillows with a touch of family charm. With materials sourced from organic Sri Lankan rubber trees and New Zealand sheep, their products bring comfort and sustainability right from the forest to your bedroom.


Earthfoam is organic, fair trade, high-performance natural latex foam made from the best rubber in the world.

We have a unique setup of 1000+ small independent farmers that work with us under the Fair For Life certified fair trade network. We monitor them to deliver us pure, controlled, organic certified latex for a fair price. We process this latex in our own centrifuge plant and produce the highest quality latex foam in our own factory.

We use it to make a mattress, a topper, and a pillow. However, it does not need to be limited to bedding, Earthfoam can be used anywhere a sustainable, organic, supportive, and comfortable foam is needed.

Chicago, IL
Year Founded

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