Mover is a privately owned, independent company, based in Switzerland offering plastic-free thermal regulatory and protective sport garments.


Oddly enough, our story begins with our current enemy: plastic.

Originally Mover was manufacturing premium ski-wear apparel. We were the first to introduce Gore-Tex® in ski garments back in the days, contributing to the brand’s strong reputation as a high-tech ski apparel manufacturer. With time and experience, we realized that synthetic fibers are not only unnecessary but even detrimental to comfort and performance. Alongside, we became increasingly aware and concerned by the tremendous plastic pollution the garment industry was discharging on our planet.

In 2006, Mover started its transition toward a 100% plastic free collection and made a decisive step, in 2017, by renouncing to its Gore-Tex® license.

The result is Mover Plastic Free Sportswear: a growing line of outdoor and lifestyle clothes benefiting from the rigorous technological approach of not using any synthetic-based material in its conception. Thus, Mover aims to be a leading actor in changing the mindset of consumers and the garment industry. We prove that dropping synthetics in sportswear is possible.

Lausanne, Switzerland
Year Founded

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