With a completely open source supply chain, Kowtow creates 100% certified Fairtrade cotton clothing, traced from seed-to-garment.


Founded by Gosia Piatek in 2006, Kowtow is a seed-to-garment brand from Wellington, New Zealand. All of our garments are made naturally from a single fibre, Fairtrade organic cotton.

Kowtow holds certifications with Fairtrade, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and B Corp.

We take responsibility for what we produce, how we operate our business and are actively working on solutions to reduce our footprint. We are committed to the principles of circular design - reducing waste, making products that last, keeping them in use and regenerating the natural environment at every point in the process. Our collections are created to build a modular wardrobe, offering quality pieces that can be worn again and again, year after year.

At Kowtow we are proud of our kind and caring culture. We aim to provide a positive work environment where people can achieve their full potential, and we actively encourage creativity and collaboration. Our team all share an interest in circularity, sustainability and innovation, and have a strong commitment to achieving our goals.

Wellington, New Zealand
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