MARO specializes in organic cotton-toe socks, championing a holistic approach to athletic apparel by promoting performance, health, and nature. With a commitment to circular fashion, MARO aims to move the athletic industry away from synthetic fibers towards sustainable, healthy materials.


MARO began with a simple mission: to create organic cotton toe socks.

I started wearing barefoot shoes a couple of years ago, but didn't see much progress until I started wearing toe socks. Regular socks that pushed my toes together prevented me from taking full advantage of the wide toe box in my barefoot shoes.

I began wearing toe socks from a leading brand, while also becoming more aware of the kinds of materials I was wearing. I learned that polyester, nylon, and other synthetic fibers come from petroleum and contained endocrine disruptors, toxic flame retardants, and other dangerous additives. I also learned that these plastic fibers damage the environment, shedding hundreds of thousands of microplastics each time they're washed.

As I began to replace the synthetic items in my wardrobe with natural fibers, there was one key piece I couldn't find a replacement for: my toe socks.

So I decided to bring them into the world.

After a year of development (and manufacturing and shipping delays), MARO Organic Cotton Toe Socks are finally a reality.

At MARO, we care not only about how our apparel performs on the outside, but what it's doing to us on the inside. It's time for a holistic approach to athletic apparel built with three pillars: performance, health, and nature.

Easthampton, MA
Year Founded

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