MEEMA specializes in thoughtfully designed kitchen towels, aprons, placemats consciously-sourced from upcycled cotton and denim.


From waste to beauty.
We believe products should be manufactured with integrity, designed for function, and, most importantly, bring joy to the user.

Our goods are designed to look beautiful, work great and be as sustainable as possible. We consider it an honor to be able to give a second life to discarded fabrics that would otherwise be considered “waste,” and turn them into everyday essentials that people love to use.

What's our end goal? Circular design.
Nature’s process is circular. Everything transforms into something else in a continuous cycle of zero waste. Our aim is to get as close to that cycle as possible. Our own waste is turned into compost, which is used by neighboring coffee growers to grow some of the most
delicious Arabica beans in the world.

Every kilogram of MEEMA upcycled cotton saves 20,000 liters of water.
MEEMA fabrics are made by The New Denim Project, our partner textile manufacturer in Guatemala who is a global leader in sustainable textiles and circular economy industry.

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