Sol Gym is on a mission to redefine gym culture by emphasizing the timeless interplay of aesthetics, beauty, and function. Rejecting the profit-driven approach of using synthetic materials like polyester, Sol Gym champions the use of quality, natural fabrics that are kind to both the body and the environment.


Much of the fashion world today is based around profit only, with no heed to what is being used to create the clothes we wear. Polyester and other oil-derivatives are worn without a second thought to the health of the individual wearing it.

Big companies repurpose plastic under the guise of ‘sustainability’ and pass it off to the unknowing consumer. In its use, polyester and plastic fibers act as endocrine disruptors to the human body, impacting fertility and normal hormonal function. Is this by design? Perhaps.

Sol Gym will ONLY ever use quality, natural materials in classic forms that can be worn today, and many years from now. From our beginnings we have aimed to showcase the human body as framed by simple pieces of clothing that do their job and can be relied on — classically creating silhouettes that don’t rely on trends to look good.

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