EcoBalanza is serious about its furniture. Every piece is hand-crafted with natural, organic materials. From the wood to the fillings to the fabrics, every material used in EcoBalanza furniture is the healthiest and most eco-friendly option on the market.


EcoBalanza makes green sofas with meaning. There is a story to every component of every organic sofa we build. Our pieces are not commercially manufactured. Unlike others, we control everything from concept and design to final product and we don’t use contract manufacturers.

Whether you have multiple chemical sensitivities or simply want the cleanest green furniture for you home, you can trust our materials and the processes used the create them. What's more, we only make organic and toxic free furniture in our workshop.  Others use the same space to make standard and "eco-friendly" items.

We are transparent about our work. We invite you to visit us to see to experience our materials and our pieces for yourself.  That way you will understand that you just feel different when you sit in something that feels that clean.

Seattle, WA
Year Founded

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